Settline Sp. z o.o. invests in a new concrete block production facility

Topwerk Group, 57299 Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany

Transkom Białdyga Sp. z o.o., a Polish company with headquarters in Jaryszów, decided to invest in a completely new concrete block production facility, including value-adding lines at its Sieroniowice site. To this end, Transkom entrusted the planning and execution of the entire manufacturing and finishing process to the Hess Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of concrete block production systems, and SR Schindler for its fully integrated value-adding technology. Both companies can be found under the umbrella of the Topwerk Group – a leading global group of companies in the field of machinery and equipment for the industrial production of concrete products since 2013. This meant that Transkom was provided with planning, installation and commissioning from a single source – avoiding interface losses due to miscommunication in this way.

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Settline Sp. z.o.o. ul. Kultury Przestrzeni 1, 47-143 Sieroniowice, Poland T +48 539 604 968 Topwerk Group Freier-Grund-Str. 123, 57299 Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany T +49 2736 49760 F +49 2736 4976620 Hess Group Freier-Grund-Straße 123 57299 Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany T +49 2736 49760 SR Schindler Hofer Straße 24 93057 Regensburg, Germany T + 49 941 696820


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