Increasing presence in the European concrete industry market

Penta Automazioni Industriali SRL, 40062 Molinella (Bologna), Italy

Since its foundation in 1991, Penta Automazioni Industriali has acquired skills and competences that let them develop a strong technical background by designing automatic solutions for the concrete and natural stone industry. Up to year 2000, the most important market for Penta has always been the Italian one. Then, starting from year 2000, Penta has enlarged and reinforced its presence on the global market thanks to the growing reliability of its job. Indeed, the company continued improving its technology and spreading its influence all over Europe.

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Penta Automazioni Industriali SRL Via Aldo Moro, 32 40062 Molinella (Bologna), Italy T +39 051 880550 F +39 051 881386


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