Exterior insulated wall elements with a patented process for the production of the outer shell

if innovative fertigteile GmbH, 78628 Rottweil, Germany

Currently, prefabricated wall systems are gaining more and more relevance. The increasing demands on thermal and sound insulation require multi-layer construction systems, which have a high mass for sound absorption and at the same time provide thermal insulation to ensure efficient protection against high and low temperatures. Added to this is the often-prevailing lack of qualified personnel on the construction site. The exterior wall system presented in this article by the company ‘if innovative fertigteile gmbh’ combines the advantages of the core-insulated element wall and the EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) while avoiding the disadvantages associated with either technology. Thanks to an externally applied in-situ plaster, the exterior wall system does not require a facing shell made of reinforced concrete, analogous to a EIF system with acceptance of the reduction of the degree of prefabrication. The advantages of reduced wall thickness and semi-precast construction are combined.

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