New generation of well-provenprecast component connections

Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH, 87700 Memmingen, Germany

Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH, Memmingen, has been marketing its VS System for more than 15 years now. Before the first product, the classic VS Box, was launched, nobody would have supposed that this system would meet with such an enthusiastic reception. Yet, its obvious positive features and the revolution it brought about in connections between precast wall elements led to the system’s rapid diffusion.

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PFEIFER Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH Dr.-Karl-Lenz-Straße 66, 87700 Memmingen, Germany T +49 8331 937290, F +49 8331 937199


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