Increase in quality and efficiency at TrimmiserBaustoffe AG in Switzerland

Technical and economical optimisation with new developments from BASF

The concrete prefabrication division of the former CreaBeton Trimmis AG has been trading independently now for 5 years as TBA Trimmiser Baustoffe AG. It is an independently run company and is well known for the production of concrete elements of the highest quality. Manufacturing takes place according to customer request for every possible area of application in the construction of buildings and in underground, foundation, tunnel and hydraulic engineering. Whether in series or unique objects, production takes place according to the customer‘s sophisticated plans. The company‘s roots thereby go back to the 1950s and have considerably shaped the development of concrete prefabrication in this region. Since the mid 1990s production has been concentrated at the site in Trimmis, near the capital of the canton of Graubünden, Chur.

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TBA Trimmiser Baustoffe AG 7203 Trimmis, Switzerland T +41 81354 0444 F +41 81354 0460


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