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Mobile rebar shearing machines for metal bending companies and precast component production faciliti

Pedax A/S, 3490 Kvistgaard, Denmark


Metal bending companies in Germany are almost all built up according to a standard model. This situation can be attributed to traditions, transport logistics and production sequences that, due to existing structures, have developed over a period of years, as well as to the multitude of concrete reinforcing steel diameters that have to be processed. Not much has changed in terms of production sequences since the time when processing reinforcement steel was transferred from building sites to efficiently structured business operations. These were able to enhance efficiency by means of improved work preparation, automated stirrup benders and automatic rod cutting machines. To all intents and purposes, the actual material flow has remained unchanged. This is the reason why, in most companies, rod cutters can be found that travel transversely in front of a rod storage unit containing reinforcing steel sorted by diameter and length. The steel is then drawn out of this rod storage unit. Even if structures have been, and will be further, changed on account of the increase in processing round material, cutting steel from rods is an important consideration in cost effectiveness for any company handling concrete reinforcing steel. Besides this, rod material is cheaper than round material. This advantage in price can play an important role when deciding on a manufacturing system. Mobile rebar cutting machines still occupy a key position as they are the pulse generators for processing machines down line and thus of vital importance for overall operational output.

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Pedax A/S
Hejreskovvej 8
3490 Kvistgaard, Denmark
Tel: +45 4912 7912
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