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Japan Precast Concrete Forum (JPCF) 2010



JPCF 2010 was held titled “Future Prospect of Concrete Products in Japan” from May 26-28, 2010, in Tokyo, Japan. More than 1,500 people in total joined the conference program during the 3 days event. Especially the reception party on May 27 was a highlight of the event, with more than 800 people from the industry attending. Amongst the attendees, high class officials from Japanese Government such as Mr. Hiroshi Kawauchi, the chairman of the committee of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism at the House of Representative and Mr.Yosuke Kondo, Parliamentary Secretary at Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry participated at JPCF 2010. Additionally, many professors and students from Universities and Research Institutes took part at the event. Mr.Kenji Sakata, the president of Japan Concrete Institutes gave a presentation about the future of Japanese Infrastructure and gave the audience a good hope of Concrete Products. In Japan the demand for construction has come down year by year since 1998 and it was almost 50% of the demand of 1997 in 2009. The main reason was the reduction of Investments by Japanese and Local Governments and Housing Industries. Over 10 years the industry has struggled with this decreasing tendency of demand but has not yet found any concrete resolution and counter measures. There are many associations and institutes among Japan Concrete Industries that cannot be easily united to be a powerful lobby. As the first step to establish a powerful lobby in the near future, the executive committee was established by 19 leading companies and JPCF started from 2009. JPCF 2010 was supported by 49 associations and Institutes of the Industry. Another main purpose of JPCF is to supply the opportunity to exchange updated technologies and the information on products, sales, etc. among the participants. At JPCF 2010, 56 vendors exhibited their own technologies and products as associate members and over 20 of them gave the technical presentation. The main topics during the session were: - Summit Talks by the presidents/ chairmen of Associations and Institutes among the Industry. - Panel Discussion on the future prospect of Japanese Concrete Products - Speech about the future of Japanese Infrastructure, by Mr.Kenji Sakata, the president of Japan Concrete Institutes - Speech about the policy of Public Investment, by Mr. Hiroshi Kawauchi, the chairman of the committees of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism at the House of Representative - Presentation by Mr. Gerhard Kloeckner, CPI Concrete Plant International titled; 1. Trends and Developments in the Concrete and Precast Industry at BAUMA 2010 2. Trends & Innovations for the International Concrete Products Industry - Presentation by associate members mainly on their own updated technologies and products such as Cement Technology, Concrete Technology, Testing & Checking Equipment, Concrete Products for civil engineering, landscaping, architectural and urban design, Reinforcement Technology and Concrete Products Manufacturing Equipment and Molds for both wet and dry casting - Technical Presentation on new products, new mixing technology using pre-mix mortar, aerated light weight concrete, etc. JPCF 2011 will be held May 17-19, 2011, in Tokyo, Japan.

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