International Conference on Material Science and64th RILEM Annual Week

6. - 10. September 2010, Aachen, Germany

The RILEM conference on Material Science in connection with the 64th annual RILEM week will take place in Aachen, Germany, from September, 6-10, 2010. Three separate lines will deal with Textile Reinforced Concrete (2nd ICTRC), the modelling of heterogeneous materials (HetMat) and additions improving the properties of concrete (AdIPoC), respectively. Young as well as experienced scientists and industry investigators will come together and discuss new developments in the composite material Textile Reinforced Concrete and the organic/ inorganic additions to increase e.g. the strength and durability of concrete.

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ibac – Institute of Buildung Materials Research RWTH Aachen University Schinkelstrasse 3 · 52062 Aachen, Germany T +49 241 8095102 · F +49 241 8092139


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