Controlling the water content of Self-Compacting Concrete without increasing mixing time

Skako Concrete, 59810 Lesquin, France

The Mixometer is an innovative solution by Skako Concrete for the production of self-compacting concrete (SCC) in RMC and jobsite batching plants. This robust, precise and reliable solution facilitates control of the water content of SCC in the mixer during short mixing time used in RMC. This can ensure production of SCC on an industrial scale and a very short return on investment. Thanks to the characteristics of the liquid and set states of new types of concrete with a high content of admixture, such as Self Compacting Concrete, the overall cost can be reduced. In future, these new types of concrete are becoming indispensable in order to gain or retain market shares. The Mixometer allows automatic production of SCC in standard RMC batching plants and also improves the consistency of RMC production.

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