Accurate shears for concrete reinforcing steel

Pedax A/S, 3490 Kvistgaard, Denmark

In processing concrete reinforcing steel, demands placed on cut quality for a company's own products, for example in anchor plates, punch - ing shear reinforcement or for bolted connections, are higher than those in metal bending facilities. Sections are necessary that exhibit only minor deformations and are practically speaking right-angled, if the article is to be further processed in welding plants or else given a thread. Concrete reinforcing steel is often sawn for this purpose. This, however, is expensive because, besides the cost of saw bands or blades, the loss of material that occurs in machining must also be taken into account. On top of this, a saw cut takes more time than a shear cut. Pedax has a comprehensive programme of shearing machines and cutting systems that can be customised from individual components and trimmed to specific requirements.

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