Processing of reinforcing steel meshes

Pedax Bitburg Maschinenbau GmbH, 54634 Bitburg, Germany

Reinforcing steel meshes are factory-prefabricated reinforcements made of rods that cross over one another and are connected together in a shear-resistant manner by means of resistance spot welding. The materials and surfaces are governed by standards or approvals. In general, distinction is made between design meshes, variation meshes and standard meshes. A new range of standard meshes has applied since 1/1/2008. The main differences between the old and the new standard mesh ranges are the dimensions offered. The newly-defined standard meshes are available in lengths of 6000 mm and widths of up to 2350 mm. The heaviest standard mesh, the Q 636 A, weighs 132 kg and has 48 rods with a diameter of 10 mm, 16 rods with a diameter of 9 mm and 4 rods at each edge with a diameter of 7 mm.

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