Increasing the market share of SCC

Experiences from Nordic countries

In the late 1990´s SCC was expected to have more than 50 % of the total EU concrete market within a five year period. However, today, the market share of SCC in EU nations generally is as small as 1 % (2006 according to European Ready Mixed Association, ERMCO) with large variations; 1 % in Finland, Netherlands & UK, 2 % in France & Norway, 5 % in Sweden and as high as 28 % in Denmark. One important reason for the low use of SCC may be the economy. The need for certain concrete constituents and higher production costs results in a more expensive product that, according to end-users, does not compensate for possible economical benefits. It is also known that several technical issues hinder the introduction of SCC on a broader front, especially relating to formwork pressure, robustness, segregation resistance, surface quality, quality control requirements and a lack of standards [1, 2].

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