Process optimization of rebar through an innovative reinforcement assembly system

Skew Accessories B.V., 7399 AP Empe, The Netherlands

Orion Beton BV, located in Enschede, the Netherlands, specializes in concrete floors manufacturing. It has a policy of supplying quality products supported by quality service to the highest world standards. Recently, Orion decided to improve their services and offer loose top reinforcement bars along with wide slab flooring. To that end, Orion installed an automated bending machine from coil to supply the loose bars. Orion outsourced the assembly of rebar cages to a supplier situated in the North of the country, which was proving logistically inefficient. Several reasons caused manufacturing delays at the Enschede plant: late design revisions of reinforcement, waiting for large loads piled high to reduce transport costs, transportation damage, and so on. However, the company utilisation of the off-coil machine was only limited. Orion decided to take the next logical step, to utilise their machinery assets and therefore assemble their own beam cages.

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