CPI-Worldwide: Overview of magazines and distribution (bimonthly)printePapertotal
BWI BetonWerk International (German)
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
2.000 copies2.500 copies4.500 copies
CPI Concrete Plant International (English)
UK, Ireland, Iceland, Scandinavia, Balkan-states, Africa, Middle-East, Far-East (except China & India), Oceania, Antilles
5.000 copies13.000 copies18.000 copies
CPI Chinese Edition (Chinese)
China and Taiwan
2.500 copies3.500 copies6.000 copies
CPI Indian Sub Continent Edition (English)
India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka
1.000 copies2.000 copies3.000 copies
CPI North American Edition (English)
USA and Canada
3.500 copies7.000 copies10.500 copies
CPI Eurasia Edition (Russian)
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine (limited shipping, currently only ePaper possible), Uzbekistan
2.500 copies8.000 copies10.500 copies
CPI Calcestruzzo & Prefabbricazione International (Italian)
1.000 copies1.500 copies2.500 copies
PBI Préfa Béton International (French)
France, Belgium, North Africa, Central-Africa and French speaking countries overseas
2.000 copies1.000 copies3.000 copies
PHI Planta de Hormigón Internacional (Spanish)
Spain and mainly Latin America
2.000 copies1.000 copies3.000 copies
ZBI Zaklady Betonowe International (Polish)
1.000 copies1.500 copies2.500 copies
Total circulation (every two months)22.500 copies41.000 copies63.500 copies
CPI Middle East (Arabic/English)
twice a year in the GCC States (Gulf Cooperation Council)
2.500 copies1.000 copies3.500 copies

Highlighted ePapers are distributed as complimentary download option within the digital newsletter in the corresponding language edition.