New high performance cage welding machine for Pretensados Nacionales S. A. delivered to Costa Rica

Pretensados Nacionales S.A. is a purely Costa Rican company founded in 1960 thanks to the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Don Miguel Ángel González Camacho. The company focuses on the manufacture of non-reinforced concrete pipes according to ASTM C-14 specifications, reinforced concrete pipes according to ASTM C76, Class III, IV and V specifications, prestressed concrete poles for public lighting and power lines, prefabricated columns and concrete slabs for industrial buildings, as well as elements and piles for docks, bridges, and buildings. The company is one of the leading companies in Costa Rica and convinces through high product quality and mature production processes.

Miguel Ángel and Eloy Alberto González, the sons of Miguel Ángel González Camacho, who today continue to guide the company's fortunes with innovative strength and entrepreneurial intuition, recall:

"The connection to Germany and its technology accompanied our company history early on. Germany played an important role as early as the end of the 1950s, when the production of precast concrete parts began with concrete pipes, centrifuged piles, and blocks: The concrete pipes were manufactured in individual steel moulds and these steel moulds came from Germany".

In 1977 the first machine (Pfeiffer brand) for the production of pipes - also from Germany - was imported. This was followed by the expansion of the product portfolio to include the production of poles for public lighting and electrical wiring. The prerequisite for this production was a pre-stressed centrifugal system - devices from Germany are also used for this process. To this day, the results stand for excellent quality and convincing aesthetics.

Later, the Prenac precast system was developed, which encloses houses and school buildings with columns and concrete slabs. The prefabricated system for Prenac school buildings is registered in the Department of National Buildings of the MOPT, the PROMECE Department and DIEE (Directorate of Education Infrastructure and Equipment of the Ministry of Education). In addition, the product range was expanded to include the production of concrete slabs and columns for industrial halls, as well as elements and piles for bridges, docks and buildings.

"In 2007, we visited various concrete plants in Europe that had specialized in the production of concrete pipes. It quickly became clear that the machine, which was widespread, worked stably and efficiently, and had optimized manufacturing processes without any problems, came from mbk. The decision was made quickly and already in 2008 the first mbk machine was delivered and installed. It filled us with pride as it was also the first mbk wire cage welding machine in Costa Rica. Since then, we have produced all reinforcements exclusively with this machine. It ensures a stable daily production routine and is inexpensive in terms of maintenance. In the event of a malfunction, mbk as a service partner reacts quickly and without complications."

The market in Costa Rica is booming. This was and is an opportunity for the company to constantly increase its market share. "However, in order to cope with the increased volume of orders, we were forced to consider further investments, and since our existing mbk wire cage welding machine meets all our quality and production requirements, we decided in 2019 to purchase another mbk wire cage welding machine. The decision was made in favor of the BSM 360-O cage welding machine. It is equipped with the latest technology and is the largest of its type in Central America."

With the BSM 360-O, reinforcement cages for the manhole and concrete pipe industry can be manufactured with a round (with or without pallet), oval, egg or jaw form up to a diameter of 3,600 mm and a length of 3,000 mm. As a special feature, this machine was equipped with special performance packages for even higher production output. In addition, a LAN/WLAN connection enables remote maintenance and teleservice from Germany.

"We are partners in the country's most important construction projects, e.g. Juan Santa Maria Airport, Puente Lindora extension, Garantías Sociales roundabout, Puente Virilla extension, Circunvalación San Jose project, school infrastructure and much more. Last year alone, we were involved in over 150 projects."

Quality is of great importance for the company and this also applies to the company's internal behavior in the event of repairs. Only original spare and wearing parts from mbk are used and all maintenance intervals specified or recommended by the manufacturer are observed. This guarantees very high machine efficiency and maximum performance.

"Since the company was founded, we have continuously strived to optimize manufacturing processes in order to offer our customers the best of all solutions at all times. Over the years we have tested many manufacturing processes and materials and have only ever been satisfied with the best. Only manufacturers who have the same high regard for quality and social competence as we do are given the chance to help shape the success of our company. In mbk we have found a partner who fully meets our requirements."

The success story of Pretensados Nacionales clearly shows how partnership-based cooperation affects the win-win situation of all the companies involved, because everyone really benefits in the long term.


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