Residual concrete recycling - a solution to counteract the shortage of sand

Sand is an important commodity and above all indispensable for the construction industry. In the meantime, however, sand is no longer a raw material that is available in abundance. Furthermore, not every sand is suitable for further processing and a large part of the sand deposits are located in nature reserves. In addition, the demand for sand continues to rise, especially due to the growing population and the associated high demand for housing. As a result, the sand as a raw material is becoming more and more expensive. The use of a Bibko® residual concrete recycling plant in a ready-mix concrete or precast concrete plant can make a resource-saving contribution here.

A recycling system represents a closed circulation system. Residual concrete is fed into the Bibko recycling system via a charging hopper. Solids > 0.2 mm (sand and gravel) are appropriately washed out and discharged by the inner helix of the machine, which is equipped with plastic blades and plastic paddles. The washed-out sand and gravel is stored separately and then returned to the mixing process so that the total consumption of sand and gravel can be reduced.

The residual water flows via a water drain into an agitator tank at ground level, which is equipped with an agitator. In addition to recovering the components contained in the residual concrete, the residual water is also completely reused in the mixing plant.

In addition, the plant system can be equipped with a sand and gravel separation system to ensure a higher quality of the washed out solids through the separation.

The recycling system also reduces the delivery transport of the raw material and the associated CO2 emissions, which is an additional benefit for the environment. With the installation of a Bibko recycling plant, active conservation of resources can be practised out and thus ecological responsibility can be demonstrated.

The closed material circulation results in considerable savings of sand, gravel and water. In this way, Bibko recycling plants can help to counteract the shortage of sand.


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