Time-tested method for extending the service life of production boards

The company Polblat was founded more than ten years ago in Maków, near Radom, in response to the demand for wooden production boards, which is enjoying a rising trend both on the local Polish and on international markets. Production boards are an important addition to high-performance production systems for concrete products.

Polblat offers high-quality production boards made of pine or waterproof plywood. The dimensions are adjusted to the customers’ requirements. They are used both in production of concrete paving elements and for wet-cast products: for the latter of which they are, in addition, provided with the necessary frames and feet.

Wooden production boards are the company’s flagship and have been manufactured without interruption ever since the company took up production. Polblat takes strict care that the material from which the boards are made is appropriately aged and has high density. Thanks to cooperation with one of the major Polish wood suppliers, Polblat is able to offer production boards made of selected pine with densities of at least 500 kg/m³. The individual layers are connected to each other by special dovetail joints and are, in addition, screwed together with longitudinal rods. This increases the stiffness of the boards, which results in less deflection and enables the manufacture of heavier concrete elements. On the sides, the boards are provided with galvanized steel sections to protect them from mechanical damage during rotating production. The height of the sections is adapted to the individual board thickness so that the boards can be reworked later without difficulty.

Serviceable for additional seasons

The service life of the production boards depends on many factors such as the production conditions and intensity, and on the profile. With adherence to suitable operating conditions, Polblat can rework the production boards to almost double their service life. The process consists in restoring the original quality of both surfaces of the board, which is achieved by grinding and repairing defective places. Achieving satisfactory results depends on the wooden production boards having been in operation for no more than five to six production seasons. The physical and mechanical characteristics of the individual boards must be such that they still permit repairing the surface. Wooden boards directly involved in production of precast elements are subjected to strong vibrations, high pressure and high moisture. This causes the microscopic wood structure to warp – beginning with the layers closest to the surface and extending to the deeper-lying layers. After satisfactory surface quality is obtained, the wood production board can be used for an additional three to four production seasons.

Polblat reworks thousands of production boards every year, mostly in the autumn and winter seasons. The experience gained over many years of work in reworking production boards enables the company to offer services at the highest level. Ultimately, the customer obtains boards with surfaces that hardly differ from new boards.

The company continually extends its offerings of production boards. It subjects the boards to extensive examination before placing them on the market. Presently, tests are underway in Poland and abroad on trial board series with polyurethane coating. The new product is available in two versions: with wood core and with plywood core. The dense synthetic coating enables enhanced technical parameters, which has by now been confirmed by the first users.


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