30 years experience in machine and systems engineering

Erwin and Lydia Kniele founded their company, Kniele Baumaschinen GmbH, on 1st January 1991. Over the past 30 years, the company has grown into today’s healthy, medium-sized business. Customers put their faith in Kniele quality, Kniele expertise and Kniele innovation in Germany, as at an international level as well. Around 30 employees are involved at the current time in manufacturing mixing plants for the challenges of today and developing technologies for tomorrow.

The production facility in Bad Buchau on the Federsee has been continuously expanded and the machine pool is always state-of-the-art. High-precision quality manufacturing, innovative technologies as well as rigorous research and development are the basic building blocks of Kniele’s DNA.


The development of the KKM Kniele cone mixer with completely new and patented technology is one of the milestones in company history. The KKM’s 4D mixing technology has been the inspiration for every new development from Kniele.

The company’s wide-ranging clientele has for a long time not just included the concrete and construction sectors. Kniele technology can now be found in the food and pharmaceutical industries, in dry mortar factories as well as in waste disposal and recycling companies – right through to the disposal of nuclear waste.

Kniele nowadays supplies turnkey industrial systems for all these applications - complete packages that customers appreciate. Kniele GmbH grew out of the original Kniele Baumaschinen GmbH – a logical upshot and one other milestone in the company’s history.


“Reliability, continuity, problem-solving expertise and a consistent will to innovate are the foundation of our work and our promise to customers and business partners,” remarks managing director Dipl. Eng. Harald Kniele.
It almost goes without saying that Kniele GmbH has more innovations in store for its 30th anniversary in 2021. “We will bring two completely new types of mixing systems to market maturity in 2021. A logical advancement in the development of our well-proven cone mixer will also be available at the same time. We will redefine productivity efficiency with these machines," says second managing director Dipl. Eng. Alexander Kniele.

The continued existence of Kniele GmbH has already been secured. Felix und Joris Kniele, the third generation, are ready to lead the family business successfully into the future.


Kniele GmbH
Gemeindebeunden 6
88422 Bad Buchau, Germany
T +49 7582 9303 11
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