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The name says it all: ICCX digital 365.

While ICCX events have already taken place in many places around the world, always with the aim of conveying international know-how to local and regional markets, a new format now supplements our portfolio of professional events: the ICCX digital 365. The location? The Internet! The duration? All year round! The target group? The entire professional world, in the truest sense of the words!

The location of events was a key issue in 2020, when countless events were not feasible due to legal, political and/or medical restrictions and had to be postponed or even cancelled. However, such spontaneous, externally determined decisions are usually countered by months of planning, which is inevitably required to invite visitors and exhibitors to a successful event.

A sensible choice for the “location” of an event that can be firmly scheduled is therefore the Internet. But if an event is already carried out digitally, then travel planning is also no longer necessary - and thus, basically, the time limit of such an event is also no longer applicable. A logical conclusion, actually, but one that has so far received little attention at many digital events that were held on a few days for regionally limited groups of visitors. A digital event must offer the flexibility and diversity of an always-available media library, and there must be no spatial or temporal limits.

Permanent addition to classic ICCX events

The concept of the ICCX digital 365. was developed on the basis of these preliminary considerations. The ICCX digital 365. will not be able to replace a handshake between client and contractor, but it will be able to prepare this handshake. And this at any time, in any place.
The tasks of classic trade events are to bring interested parties and providers together and, by offering a variety of providers, to give the interested party the opportunity to make personal comparisons of different options. The ICCX digital 365. can fulfil this task in an excellent way.

Live days

At the ICCX digital 365., which will be continuously available, there will be quarterly live days where visitors can truly communicate live with exhibitors; via video, audio or text chat, in dedicated meeting rooms or in public networking areas.

In addition, numerous speakers will be available in person on the live days in the large auditorium to answer questions from the global audience.
In the exhibition halls, visitors can get information at any time at attractive exhibition stands, where exhibitors can show three-dimensional models to illustrate their products, machines and systems in addition to classic documents and videos.

Information and communication

The ICCX digital 365. therefore not only focuses on information, but also and above all on communication. This statement is underlined by the fact that participation is free of charge for interested professional visitors and for readers of CPI magazine. Registration is only required when visiting the ICCX for the first time, and afterwards visitors can return as often as they like and get an excellent market overview at any time if needed.

Available online as of 15/03/2021

The ICCX digital 365. goes live on 15/03/2021. Sign up for the CPI newsletter today and ensure you receive regular updates on new exhibitors, lectures and other news from the only year-round digital event for the entire concrete industry.

Newsletter registration: www.cpi-worldwide.com/newsletter
ICCX digital 365.: www.iccx.org/digital-365


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