Awarded with Blue Angel ecolabel

The innovative Master Builders Solutions MasterFinish RL 411 release agent will be marketed displaying the Blue Angel (“Blauer Engel”) ecolabel from now on. The Blue Angel has been the German Federal Government’s environmental label for more than 40 years. The ecolabel is owned by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and awarded by an independent organization, RAL gGmbH.

The label is awarded to products which, from a holistic perspective, are particularly environmentally friendly while also meeting demanding requirements with regard to occupational safety and health protection. Thanks to its eco-friendly composition and biodegradability, MasterFinish RL 411 meets the award criteria of RAL-UZ 178 for “biodegradable lubricants and hydraulic fluids.” This product category, which also includes concrete and asphalt release agents, comprises what is known as “loss lubricants” – materials which may, to a certain extent, enter the environment after application.

“MasterFinish RL 411 is based solely on renewable raw materials and therefore has a low (eco)toxicological hazard potential. The low-emission release agent is particularly suitable for use in water-protection areas or other highly sensitive environments and meets high requirements in terms of sustainability,” says Cengizhan Zor, Marketing Manager Auxiliaries for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Master Builders Solutions.

In addition to such beneficial environmental factors, MasterFinish RL 411 provides another decisive advantage: The low-emission and certified release agent also holds its own vis-à-vis the strictest standards of the German Sustainable Building Council, DGNB. “When using MasterFinish RL 411, architects and owners can have their buildings platinum certified by the world’s most advanced and internationally recognized certification system,” Martin Schnalke, Product Manager Auxiliaries for Europe at Master Builders Solutions, adds. In the DGNB ranking system, MasterFinish RL 411 has been assigned quality level 4 (“Qualitätsstufe 4”), the highest level in the system, which has both Blue Angel RAL-UZ 178 as well as GISCODE BTM 10 as prerequisites.

A versatile release agent for architectural job-site and precast concrete production

MasterFinish RL 411 is straightforward to use and economical in application. Its specific composition ensures easy formwork removal without any residue as well as very high corrosion protection on steel formwork. Thanks to MasterFinish RL 411, immaculate fair-faced concrete surfaces – with a low number of pores and no blowholes – can now be achieved effortlessly. Also, MasterFinish RL 411 does in no way impede the adhesion of subsequent coatings, such as renders or paint coats.

A multi-purpose release agent, MasterFinish RL 411 is suitable for all concrete consistencies and methods of compaction in site-based- and precast-concrete construction as well as in civil engineering. Its low viscosity and exceptional penetrating properties also make it highly suitable for mixer and equipment maintenance.

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