Masa establishes a series of events in its own studio

At the beginning of March 2021, a new room with professional technical equipment and sound-absorbing walls was inaugurated.

Successful crisis management has a lot to do with determination. Masa has shown that in the recent months, despite strict worldwide contact restrictions, the connection to customers and trading partners can be advantageously maintained. The online event series “Masa Webinars”, which was launched almost a year ago, contributes to this. Masa experts make their knowledge available in 30 to 45-minute lectures. Since June 2020 a comprehensive exchange of information has been taking place on a wide variety of topics and in several languages. With this format, Masa is taking on a pioneering role in the building materials industry.

The path to successful Masa webinars begins out of necessity. Covid-19 turned traditional communication channels upside down, within a short timeframe. New solutions were needed. Previously, online events and video calls have only played a subordinate role in the more traditionally oriented building materials industry. Despite this, the idea to highlight different specialist topics via live connection quickly found great approval. Interesting topics were collected, and the content and graphics were prepared for the webinars.

The search for a suitable room to hold the webinars was initially a little more time-consuming. With a pragmatic approach, a once temporarily used office was turned inside out. Lectern, screens, lighting, cabling, microphone, laptop and camera had to suffice for the moment. The two Masa experts Rudolf Buyna and Michael Dolon agreed to take the plunge into the deep end and develop a webinar about the growing importance of business resource planning in the building materials industry / concrete block production as well as the Masa API, utilized as a tool for the data transfer of master data as well as consumption and production figures.

A few trial runs were completed before the first live webinar was successfully held in June 2020. Several webinars followed, held not only in German, but also in English, Spanish and Russian.

At the same time, Masa’s Managing Director Frank Reschke and Marketing Manager Hyun-Dee Ro were thinking a step ahead with the vision of designing their own Masa Studio. The result is impressive. At the beginning of March 2021, a new room with professional technical equipment and sound-absorbing walls was inaugurated. The studio passed its baptism by fire with flying colors. The webinar “Masa Solutions for the Production of Multi-Color Products” was a double premiere, with webinars taking place in the new studio for the first time, and presentations now being conducted also in Turkish, in addition to the other languages already offered.

In typical Masa fashion the studio was set up with professional work from the in-house team. For example, the variably adjustable studio light is mounted on a completely trip-free rail system, which Oliver Schlich, master craftsman in the production department, fabricated in a personal contribution. The cabling of the entire room was carried out by the company's own electric department. The IT took care of the procurement of the high-end PC and the rest of the equipment. The “ON AIR” sign was a unique touch, which Masa’s IT Specialist Andreas Reschke contributed with his 3D printer.

The investment in the Masa Studio is paying off: In addition to the Masa webinars, the room is used extensively for training courses, online customer training, and video recordings. Service videos are also already being planned. This means that the room represents a real added value both for the Masa team and for the customers.



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