Unitechnik celebrates its 50th anniversary

Unitechnik, the expert for automation solutions, celebrates its 50th anniversary. Established 1971 as an engineering consultancy by the two company founders Bernd Cieplik and Heinz Poppek, Unitechnik is now a family-owned business with 300 employees and subsidiaries in Wiehl and Eisenhüttenstadt in Germany, as well as in Dubai. For more than 30 years, Unitechnik has been active in the precast concrete industry.

From the planning and production of electrical controls to paperless, automated production solutions for precast concrete plants: In its 50-year company history, Unitechnik has constantly expanded its product and service portfolio. Unitechnik has been active in the precast concrete industry since the end of the 1980s. The construction boom demanded an ever-increasing number of prefabricated concrete elements for individual building designs. For the engineers at Unitechnik, the task at that time was to automatically produce elements, which had been planned and detailed in CAD, with the help of robot technology. The introduction of a manufacturing-independent interface, the so-called Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface, for the exchange of information between CAD, control system and production, accelerated innovation in the industry at the time.

Unitechnik supports change towards digital solutions in production plants

With its UniCAM master computer and innovative automation solutions, Unitechnik remains  until today an integral part of the precast concrete industry. With UniCAM.10, the third generation of the tried and trusted master computer, the company supports the digital transformation in production plants: large screens replace paper, laser projectors and photographic documentation are integrated, operation of equipment and machinery is done via tablet, productivity is increased through cycle time homogenization, digital twins assist in optimizing production processes, and much more.

The construction industry is booming worldwide, and associated technologies will continue to develop in the coming years. The aim of Unitechnik is to help shape these developments.


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