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alkus AG


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Founded in 1999, alkus® AG is a trading company and service provider based in Vaduz/Liechtenstein. alkus® AG markets alkus® solid plastic panels and offers its customers technical support.

alkus® solid plastic panels are principally used as formwork panels in the construction industry where they are the product of choice due to their advantages over plywood panels and various other plastic panels. However, they have also proven successful in other industries due to their innovative technology and design: in particular for tunnel construction and special formwork systems as well as the construction of precast concrete units.

Naturally, alkus® solid plastic panels can be used in various other application areas. Their stability, water resistance and flexibility offer numerous opportunities.


  • Dirección
  • Calle: Gewerbeweg 15
  • Ciudad: Vaduz
  • Código postal: 9490
  • País: Liechtenstein

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