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Advanced Concrete Technologies, Inc.



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Advanced Concrete Technologies Inc. (ACT)

Tenacity, persistence, innovation, and experience are the backbone of any successful business. That’s certainly true in the case of Advanced Concrete Technologies of Greenland, New Hampshire, USA.

ACT began over thirty years ago, when two highly regarded German companies, Wiggert & Co. and Wuerschum joined forces and created a brand new American-based company. Always cutting edge, in 1989 ACT introduced innovative concrete mixing and batching technology to the North American market, utilizing the experience of more than 50 years and thousands of installations worldwide by its parent firms. Established precasters and other concrete producers looking to diversify into precast embraced ACT’s accurate batching and high-sheer countercurrent mixers and pre-assembled modular plants right from the start.

Today the firm has hundreds of customers across the United States and Canada. Its high standards that have been honed over the years, continue today to support the industry on advances that make concrete producers more profitable and efficient.

Advanced Concrete Technologies, Inc. delivers state-of-the-art turnkey concrete mixing and batching plant solutions for concrete product plants, on-site construction and large civil projects. ACT's concrete batch plants, manufactured by Wiggert & Co. meet the demands for today’s highest quality and environmental standards. We offer turnkey plant solutions, HPGM high shear countercurrent mixers and high-output DWM twinshaft mixers, PC-based control systems, Wuerschum color pigment and
admixture systems, mixer cleaning- and water recycling systems, as well as full plant commissioning and after-sales service and support.

Advanced Concrete Technologies, Inc.
300 Portsmouth Avenue,
Greenland, NH 03840
Phone: (603) 431-5661


  • Dirección
  • Calle: 300 Portsmouth Avenue
  • Ciudad: Greenland
  • State: New Hampshire
  • Código postal: 03840
  • País: United States

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