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Unloading of container 2

Unloading of container

Pallets on the production line

Pallets with 45 degree corner cut 2

Pallets with 45 degree corner cut

We are Manufacturer of Timber Boards / Pallets for more than 20 years. We have been successful in our business and our Pallets have been exported worldwide to Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Our Pallets are made of heavy Tropical Hardwood Yellow Balau "YB", Selected Tropical Hardwood "STH" and Kempas.

Our main advantage to other is that we use high quality timber and kiln dried it to a moisture content adapted to client’s request in order to avoid major shrinkage of pallets in use.


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CPi worldwide journals are trade journals for the concrete and precast concrete industry that are published in 10 different language editions in more than 170 countries. These trade journals, with their practical editorial reporting on research, production and applications, are specifically addressing the decision makers of the concrete and precast concrete industry.

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