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M.O.L. Gummiverarbeitung GmbH & Co KG


INTEGRA für Betonrohre / ø 300–2600 mm

INTEGRA V für Betonrohre / ø 300–2600 mm

INTEGRA Anker für Betonrohre / ø 300–1200 mm

System MKR / Keildichtung für Betonrohre

System MSD-V / Vorgeschmierte Keildichtung für Betonschächte

M.O.L. Gummiverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of elastomer sealing systems and rubber profiles produced by injection moulding or extrusion, depending on the respective application and requirements.
As a competent and strong partner of the pipe industry we develop tailored product solutions in the drinking water pipe (seals for plastic pipes) and sewage pipe (seals for plastic pipes / seals for concrete pipes) sectors. In addition our high-quality rubber profiles are used in a very wide range of industrial applications. Our motto »Get flexibility« is not only the expression of our flexible products but also of a collaborative development process with our customers which results in the greatest possible value creation by means of individuality and versatility.


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  • Calle: Gutenbergstraße 12-14
  • Ciudad: Vechta
  • State: Niedersachsen
  • Código postal: 49377
  • País: Germany

CPi worldwide journals are trade journals for the concrete and precast concrete industry that are published in 10 different language editions in more than 170 countries. These trade journals, with their practical editorial reporting on research, production and applications, are specifically addressing the decision makers of the concrete and precast concrete industry.

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