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WMW Industrieanlagen GmbH


Inclined hoist

Bucket with segment doors

Bucket conveyor systems

Discharge systems

Crane distributor

Crane distributor

Concrete spreader trolley

Floor running carriage

Concrete dosing

Concrete dosing

WMW Industrieanlagen GmbH is an internationally dealing company, located in Baienbach near to Weingarten. We develop both, transportation systems ready to work, and a variety of installation components for floor- , over-floor concrete transport and concrete distribution. Customers from all Europe estimate the long life and robustness of our products, for the demanding use at an excellent price-performance ratio:

• Mono- and birail conveyor bucket systems
• Running carriage with floor emptying or turning tub
• Store silos, give-over chutes
• Displacements and shunts
• Floor truck with platform systems or changing bucket systems
• Concrete distributors in different variations and with different discharge supports
• Vertical stations and inclined lifts
• Special designs


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  • Via: Tobelacker 1
  • Città: Fronreute-Baienbach
  • Codice postale: 88273
  • Paese: Germany

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