Flexible mesh welding machine for the productionof 3-dimensional cages

AWM S.P.A., 33010 Magnano in Riviera – Udine, Italy

Mr. Holtackers, CEO of the Hoco-group in Weert an important producer of precast concrete elements (including architectonic concrete) and pioneer in the use of innovative tecniques was thinking about this project for many years: one day his company will have a flexible mesh welding machine in order to simplify the reinforcement production. After an intensive selection Hoco, in close cooperation with U.B.O. Engineering in Soesterberg, have found their partner in AWM – Automatic Wire Machines from Udine, Italy. AWM is a well-known machine and plant manufacturer for the wire and precast concrete industry and was the first in the world to introduce a flexible welding machine for the production of special meshes with holes for windows and doors back in 1993. The company is also active in the production of wire straightening machines, flexible and standard mesh welding machines, fully automatic mesh bending plants and an ultimate flexible lattice girder welding machine.

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