Investigation into fibre distribution in self-compactingfibre concretes

Self-compacting steel fibre reinforced concrete

SCC technology is the subject-matter of many research projects nowadays. There is still need for research, particularly in the case of fibre reinforced self-compacting concretes. Only a few test results have been published and are available for these types of concretes, especially concerning recipe design and the distribution of fibres arising from this. For this reason, an analysis of variations in fibre distribution and orientation in steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concretes and the influence of fibre distribution and orientation on the mechanical properties of these concretes continues to be a topical issue. On the one hand, the addition of fibres can generate positive improvements in differing properties of self-compacting concretes; on the other hand, difficulties can also occur with recipe design as regards the selfcompacting effect and the homogeneity of the concrete mix as well as the physical and mechanical properties of the hardened concrete on [1],[2], [3], [4].

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