New microwave probe for the concrete industry

Bikotronic Industrie Elektronik GmbH, 67146 Deidesheim, Germany

Bikotronic is a worldwide operative, medium-size, family-run electrical engineering company and is already under the management of the second generation of the family. It was founded as a limited company in 1972. The original purpose of the enterprise was the production of electronic controllers for industrial uses. Over the course of further business development, the company has become specialised in indus- trial automation solutions of both a hardware and software nature, in particular for the building materials and concrete industries. The range of products and services encompasses high-performance electronic measuring, control and dosing systems for concrete and gravel works.

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Bikotronic Industrie Elektronik GmbH Im Hohen Acker 7 67146 Deidesheim, Germany T +49 6326 96530 F +49 6326 965350


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