New, patent-pending C-GRID EmbedmentMachine leads to major productivity enhancementin double tee

AltusGroup, Lancaster, PA 17605-0097, USA

When AltusGroup®, a partnership of United States precasters dedicated to innovation, introduced CarbonCast® double tees with C-GRID® carbon fiber grid reinforcing, it represented a game-changing technology. Non-corrosive carbon fiber grid promises to virtually eliminate the potential for corrosion in the flanges. The additional durability also enables the precasters to reduce the amount of concrete cover above the flange reinforcing, leading to weight reductions of up to 8% percent in each double tee. Less weight translates to lower substructure and transportation costs. All of these reduce the carbon footprint of the CarbonCast Double Tee, making it more environmentally favorable than other parking garage construction technologies.

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