Precast part production under palm trees

B.T. innovation GmbH, 39108 Magdeburg, Germany

Barbados is a colourful island paradise with a Caribbean flair and an all-year-round mild, tropical climate. Cementum Inc. runs a production facility for precast concrete parts on the easternmost island of the Lesser Antilles. The company integrates new system solutions in production and thereby shows that economic manufacturing can also do without automation. Using the MagFly magnet technology by B.T. innovation, it is possible to sustainably reduce setup times and production costs.

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B.T. innovation GmbH Ebendorfer Str. 19/20 39108 Magdeburg, Germany T +49 391 7352 0 · F +49 391 7352 52 · Cementum Inc. Newton Plantation Christ Church Barbados, USA T +1 246 253 4877