Stability of F6 class concrete andSelf-Compacting Concrete

Admixtures for optimized fresh concrete properties

Predictable properties are of crucial importance for a successful and reliable application of F6 class concrete and self-compacting concrete (SCC). This predictability is especially determined by the robustness of the properties against relatively small changes in the mix design. Nowadays especially the water management of F6 concrete and SCC is so critical that application of these highly flowable concrete types is limited. FOXCRETE is a starch-based stabilizing admixture which allows for the creation of concrete with better flow properties without sacrificing the stability of the concrete. Furthermore, the stabilizing admixture makes the concrete more stable towards variation of the water content. As a result the water management is much more flexible. This is a very important step towards a more routine production and application of F6 concrete and SCC.

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