Non destructive testing of hardenedconcrete – test methods, applications,limitations

CPI series on durability test procedures for hardened concrete – part 3/3

In recent years, concrete durability issues have gained importance throughout the world. Reinforced concrete deterioration is commonly related to the adequacy of the protection to steel offered by the concrete cover layer, which is subjected to the action of aggressive agents from the surrounding environment. A number of test methods for the quality assessment of hardened concrete cover have been developed world-wide. In future, these methods will increasingly be used for design and quality assurance of concrete and concrete structures. In a series of 3 papers, CPI is discussing current international developments and accepted test procedures. Part 3 of this series deals with non-destructive testing methods in civil engineering (NDT-CE) for quality control (QC) and condition assessment (CA). CA contributes to the choice of appropriate methods for concrete repair projects. QC helps to assure a high quality standard for concrete members or concrete repair. NDT-CE methods for new constructions as well as methods to assess existing structures are discussed. State-of-the art methods are presented as well as methods ready for use in the near future.

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