One the most modern concrete pipe-making plants in Europe with two production lines for precast conc

BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH, 89143 Blaubeuren, Germany

The South-German machine and concrete mould manufacturer BFS (Betonfertigteilesysteme) has developed, designed and manufactured two turnkey production lines for the manufacture of concrete pipes for the Finnish precast element manufacturer Ruskon Betoni. BFS approached the contract to build one of the most modern concrete pipe production plants in Europe with know-how and sophisticated mechanical engineering, made in Germany. The construction of the state-of-the-art concrete pipe-making plant in Finland marked the end of a planning and implementation phase lasting many years for the Finnish company Ruskon Betoni and BFS. The initial discussions on the building project took place as far back as 2005. The plans were cemented by Ruskon Betoni during the bauma 2007. Different plant con- cepts at various locations in Finland were tabled. The decision was made in late to 2010 to erect the new concrete pipe-making plant near the small town of Hollola in southern Finland.

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BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH Dr.-Georg–Spohn–Str. 31 89143 Blaubeuren, Germany T +49 7344 96030 F +49 7344 4710 MBK Maschinenbau GmbH Friedrich–List–Str.19 88353 Kisslegg, Germany T +49 7563 91310 F +49 7563 2566 Ruskon Betoni Oy Piuhatie 15 90620 Oulu, Finnland T +35 20 7933400 F +35 20 7933407


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