25 years Quick Bauprodukte GmbH

Quick Bauprodukte GmbH, 58239 Schwerte, Germany

More than 30 years ago, Heinz von Döllen decided to go into the marketing of construction products including formwork, shuttering, and reinforcing accessories. After 3 years’ experience in the trade, Heinz and his wife Anna Gertrud von Döllen came to the decision to go into business on their own account and founded von Döllen Schalungsbedarf GmbH. This first company of their own developed very positively but there were products lacking which would have made the application of the shuttering and formwork supplied still more effective. A further decision was made to meet this demand with products developed in house and with a second firm, Quick Bauprodukte GmbH.

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Quick Bauprodukte GmbH Westendamm 3 58239 Schwerte, GERMANY T +49 2304 981430 F +49 2304 9814322 www.quick-bauprodukte.de info@quick-bauprodukte.de


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