Innovative modular Reinforcement Assembly System

Skew Accessories B.V., 7399 AP Empe, The Netherlands

The company Skew Engineering, design house for reinforcement assembly products, provide fast and streamlined work methodology to the precast industry. Real life experiences through constant contact with the reinforcing steel bar industry resulted in the realisation of a unique reusable system for the assembly of rebar: Jiggelo. It is a modular Reinforcement Assembly System, which gives precast companies the means to up-grade manual production of reinforcement elements into an industrial process with machine-quality. The system catalyses a metamorphose in the operators, who evolve over time while using the Jiggelo. The operators quickly recognise and learn the best possible work method for assembly. This method on the Jiggelo is ergonomic and provides precise positioning with a constant high quality. Since its launch at the beginning of 2009, the modular Jiggelo system has been implemented with great success in 16 countries in a range of work- ing environments. Being reusable, the system is eco-friendly and reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

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