Production of Precast Elements in Tarnow, Poland

A.W.M. S.P.A., 33010 Magnano in Riviera, Udine, Italy

Since 2007 Zaklad Elementow Konstrukcyjnych (Z.E.K.), a Polish company, a leader in the production of electrowelded lattice girder, started developing a new precast element with the aim of optimizing slabs’ production. The main purpose of this project was to provide a new, faster placing and casting system for the slabs, limiting the casting area with concrete modular elements, low cast and easy to use. After a num- ber of experiments, Z.E.K. achieved its final target: an “L” or “U” element, available in several dimensions, reinforced by an electrowelded special mesh bent at 90°.

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A.W.M. S.P.A. Automatic Wire Machines S.S. 13 Pontebbana Km. 146 33010 Magnano in Riviera - Udine - Italy T +39 432 780311 F +39 432 780350


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