Influence of mix design of self-compactingconcrete on the pressure on formwork

Production of concrete elements using SCC

When self-compacting concrete (SCC) is used for walls or columns it is essential to know its lateral pressure during casting in order to choose an appropriate type of formwork. The resulting pressure during casting depends on various factors e.g. method of casting and mix design. When the SCC is pumped into the formwork, at the base the resulting maximum pressure is hydrostatic. This is because the SCC is in motion in the formwork during casting and the pump adds further pressure [1]. When casting takes place from the top the resulting pressure is less than below hydrostatic pressure values [1-3]. During casting the majority of the SCC that is already in the formwork does not move anymore. Therefore, the particles in these motionless layers are able to coagulate and build up an internal structure.

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