Polbruk continues to expand its production networkin Poland

Rekers GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, 48480 Spelle, Germany

Polbruk AG is an all-Poland producer (18 factories) of concrete paving stones and concrete products for road and motorway construction. The company cooperates throughout Poland with a network of over 800 wholesalers and building material warehouses, thus occupying pole position in the country. A new factory in Florczaki near Olsztyn was opened in a ceremony on 22 May 2009. This branch is Polbruk’s 12th plant in Poland. The plant has a capacity of around 700,000 m² of paving stones or other products. “We want to concentrate mainly on the manufacturing of products for road construction, such as kerbstones, edgestones, street gutters and small stones. Thanks to the modern Rekers block making machine we can manufacture a respectable range of products in our new plant. Apart from concrete paver stones this includes, for example, flower tubs, low products such as grass pavers and palisades up to 400 mm high”, says Polbruk’s Technical Director Mr. Jan Solarczyk.

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Polbruk S.A. Zaklad Florczaki Florczaki 28 A 14 – 105 Łukta, Poland www.polbruk.com.pl polbruk@polbruk.pl