Shear at interfaces in SCCas influenced by surface treatment

Exploratory investigation from Eindhoven University of Technology

The introduction of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) caused significant changes in the precast concrete industry in the Netherlands. Though SCC is introduced only several years ago the precast industry has by now almost completely witched to this type of concrete with many advantages in production and yielding high quality products. In the Netherlands the question was raised whether the properties of SCC might be altered compared to traditional types of concrete (TC). Based on an extensive research program it was concluded that there is mainly a difference in workability, while the mechanical properties are almost equal [1,2]. With SCC the Young’s Modulus can be somewhat smaller, while furthermore the shear transfer capacity in interfaces should get extra attention. In order to investigate the latter an experimental research, in which various surface treatments were applied, was performed in the ‘Pieter van Musschenbroek’ laboratory of the Eindhoven University of Technology [3]. The results of that investigation are presented in this paper.

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