Best, a.s. commissions a second production system for manufacturing individually milled monolithic …

Prinzing GmbH Anlagentechnik und Formenbau, 89143 Blaubeuren, Germany

Prinzing first introduced its Primuss System for manufacturing monolithic manhole bases with variable channels and connections to the general public at bauma 2010. The milling robot exhibited at Prinzing’s stand carried out a nonstop simulation of milling channels and connections in such a monolithic concrete manhole base section. This advanced, rapid technology drew the attention of trade show visitors and thoroughly impressed the management at Best, a.s., a Czech company. This initial contact at the trade fair has resulted in the commis- sioning of the first Primuss production facility in the Czech Republic. The system was installed at Mohelnice, their production site in Moravia. It, or rather the end products, have enjoyed strong demand right from the outset and Best, a.s. has been able to speak of successfully launching this new product on the market. Best, who have seven production facilities in the Czech Republic, took the decision of fitting out another facility with a Primuss manufacturing system with a view to offering Primuss manholes comprehensively throughout the nation. The new plant was installed during the winter months of 2012/2013 at their Chlumec nad Cidlinou production site situated in the vicinity of Prague in the centre of the country. By mid-February 2013, the Prinzing technicians had completed their installation work and the new facility was ready for operation.

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