Reliability and limits of techniques used alone or in combination

Non-destructive assessment of concrete structures

The International Union of Testing and Research Laboratories for Materials and Structures RILEM has recently published a state-of-the-art book [1], as a result of a Technical Committee work, devoted to the topic of Non-destructive assessment of concrete structures. Non-destructive assessment of concrete structure remains a main challenge. This assessment may be needed in various situations, among which: (a) when wanting to check the conformity of the structure, (b) after some damage has occurred, to check the condition, (c) before any extension of use or lifetime, to see if the structure will be able to fulfill new requirement. The information required from non-destructive assessment is highly variable. In some cases, the interest lies on material properties (namely concrete stiffness or strength, extent of corrosion), while in other cases one tries to detect and locate defects (delamination, voids, etc.).

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