Control of prestressing

Contec Srl, 35010 Carmignano di Brenta, Padova, Italy

Contec srl plans to continue growing and developing its products and its creative capacities to solve the problems that the market presents. It persists in the innovation of prestressing branch and connected technologies. Contec srl prestressing equipment presents itself in the market strong of a funded technology, appreciated and evolved, with all a series of equipment and outfits that many other competitors do not have. The way that Contec srl wants to go through is a univocal one: listening to the market problems and proposing the most developed and safe equipment to guarantee the users the best results concerning quality, performance, safety and economy.

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Contec Srl Viale dell’Industria e dell’Artigianato 26c 35010 Carmignano di Brenta, Padova, Italy T +39.049 9431317 F +39.049 9431042


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