Corrosion on steel formwork –observations and action mechanisms

Practical instructions for precast concrete plants

When corrosion occurs on steel formwork which is used for producing precast concrete elements, this generally causes an enormous amount of aggravation. The first thing which is noticed is a deterioration in the surface quality of the concrete which, in most cases, is face concrete. Chemical compounds of iron have strong colours and are easily absorbed by the concrete surface because of its structure. If the face concrete does not satisfy the agreed or expected properties (even before the new introduction of the new code of practice), this usually means lost revenue – costs, which are not paid by the client purchasing the precast elements or disputed in complex complaints procedures. Damage to the steel lines due to depreciation and all activities for eliminating corrosion sites represent considerable financial expense. However, the damage to the image of the manufacturer who is supplying a challenging market segment with quality products cannot be calculated in figures.

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