Mechanical Characterization of Self-Compacting Lightweight Concrete

Thin-Walled Concrete Elements

This work presents the results of an experimental study on the mechanical behavior of self-compacting lightweight concrete (SCLC) and its application in a full scale thin-walled structural component. Two SCLC classes were produced and one of them was applied to the structural element casting. The lightweight aggregate used in the SCLCs mix-design was an expanded clay type commercially available in Brazil. It were assessed the properties of fresh concrete through traditional tests, such as slump flow, inverted slump flow and “V” funnel. Mechanical behavior was evaluated by compressive and flexural strength tests. It was also determined Young’s modulus and the efficiency factor of SCLCs, through the compressive strength - specific gravity ratio. The results showed slump flow diameter higher than 600 mm with no segregation and “V” funnel time lower than 25 seconds. Both classes have showed 28 days compressive strength about 35 MPa and density around 1,750 kg/m³. The concrete mixes presented values within 4-5 MPa for flexural strength. The self-compacting properties permitted adequate cast conditions even for a thin walled panel that showed good performance for the first steps of a precast system, such as mixing, placeability, early demolding and storage.

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