Technical innovations for high-quality concrete products

Kobra Formen GmbH, 08485 Lengenfeld, Germany

Concrete block moulds from Kobra Formen GmbH have been manufactured for many years using the proprietary »carboTM« hardening technology. In close co-operation with concrete block manufacturers all over the world, methods of construction and technologies are constantly being developed in order to increase the service lives of the moulds. That also includes the improvement of the resistance to wear of the individual mould components, which are subjected to particular stresses during the filling and compacting process. Therefore, spanning technologies, Kobra offers not only mould liners, but also bolted cover plates in »carbo 68 plusTM« quality with an impressive degree of hardness of 68 HRC and a hardening depth of 1.2 mm. Comprehensive service for concrete block moulds still includes after-sales customer support and service. Kobra Formen GmbH’s range of services also includes repair and service directly on-site at the concrete block works or at the Lengenfeld Service Centre.

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