Tiba brings resource-efficient manhole base production on stream

Schlüsselbauer Technology GmbH & CoKG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

South of Vienna in the Austrian town of Sollenau, a Perfect manhole base production system was brought online at the start of 2014 by Tiba Austria GmbH, specialists in the production of pre-cast concrete elements for the civil engineering industry. The company sees this investment as filling a strategic gap in the manufacture of premium quality sewerage sections. With these fluid concrete monolithic bases, the manufacturer now offers a complete range for the piping and manhole construction industry. In addition to the high quality of the bespoke concrete channel, which is produced using EPS preformed parts, the sustainability of the overall process and of course the actual production costs themselves were critical in influencing the decision-makers at Tiba to opt for this system. Their decision was also based on the funda­mental change in the market towards the use of monolithic, wet-cast concrete manhole bases with a customized channel hardened in the mould. In recent years these elements have become the recognised state-of-the-art for manhole construction in an increasing number of countries. The Perfect production system developed by the Austrian company Schlüsselbauer is already being used by over 30 suppliers and is characterised by the triple aspects of over all product quality, the use of integrated gaskets and an optimised approach toward resource consumption.

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