Translucent concrete façade in Berlin – fascinating light productions with translucent concrete

Lucem GmbH, 52222 Stolberg, Germany

With the first translucent concrete façade in Berlin, the Udo Krollmann Group has realised the goal of developing a unique and not yet existent façade in Berlin for an exclusive residential complex on the Prenzlauer Berg. It is intended to differ noticeably from conventional displays or illuminated façades, to be a genuine eye-catcher and to reflect the elevated standards of the Udo Krollmann Group, whose business for more than 20 years has been the purchase and renovation of residential and commercial buildings and the trading of commercial properties.

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Lucem GmbH Prattelsackstraße 25 52222 Stolberg, Germany T +49 2402 124 6694 F +49 2402 124 7743


13.06.2024 - 13.06.2024
25.06.2024 - 27.06.2024
06.08.2024 - 08.08.2024