Production of large-scale concrete products for agriculture in Hungary

Bouter Betonexport e.K., 77889 Seebach, Germany

The family-run enterprise Göbesz Kft is headquartered in Gödöllö, Hungary, location of the summer palace of the famous Empress Sissi which once again became a magnet for visitors after an extensive restoration. Göbesz Kft provides ready-mix concrete and steel reinforcement to construction sites and has become established in the market as a manufacturer of concrete products. Once the management had seen the potential in also entering the agricultural concrete products market, they decided to indeed take this step and in 2011 built a small production facility. Their partner for this endeavour was Bouter Betonexport e.K. which acted in an advisory capacity to Göbesz Kft, created an invest- ment concept, and brokered the acquisition of the equipment.

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Göbesz Betonelemgyártó Épitö és Szolgáltató KFT Lovas-u-7. 2100 Gödöllö, Hungary T +36 28 420287 ATILLAS Bt., Keselyu u. 32., 2030 Erd, Hungary T +36 23 523918 Bouter Betonexport e.K. Sommerseite 45 77889 Seebach, Germany T +49 7842 994411 F +49 7842 994419


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